Mudbox / Topogun fix for Quadro cards

Quadro cards have a slight problem with Topogun resulting in frequent crashes with the outcome that the whole computer freezes or BSODs. This fix can ALSO solve problems with Mudbox and Quadro cards.

First off, this is how I solved my issues and I want to share this solution with you. I do NOT take any responsibility when you implement these changes if something goes wrong.

You might believe there is a problem with the driver, but it is not. It’s a long list of things that create compability issues between Win 7, Quadro and Topogun. It took a lot of research and tweaking. Now it’s been running perfectly.

I have Windows 7 x64 (Up to date) and Quadro 2000D (latest drivers), since all Quadro cards have the same drivers this solution should work.

There are a few things I had to do to eliminate these crashes:

1) if you haven’t shut off TDRlevel in registry do that. This is primarily the problem when Mudbox crashes. Use regedit and navigate to hkey/system/control/graphicsDrivers. Add dword trdlevel and set the value to 0. Win 7 default TDRlevel is to 2 (meaning 2 seconds) which is far to short time for graphic computing, setting this to 0 can solve the problem.

2) Uninstall nvidias 3D sterioscopic programs in contrl panel. This has a tendency to cause crashes working with 3D if you don’t have the nvidia glasses.

3) Crashes are most def a reason to a OpenGL problem when working with topogun according to my logs. What I discorvered was that you need to be sure the programs use the Quadro’s GPU and nothing else. Set the 3D options in nvidia control panels “global” tab to basic profile and change OpenGL to your Quadro card. After that change it to Autodesk Mudbox compatible (make sure stereo options are off). Switch over to “program” tab and add “Topogun.exe”. Let it inherit the global settings, but make sure the energy saving setting is set to maximum performance and check that OpenGL is set to your Quadro card.

Further fixes that you may need to do:

Uninstall MSE if you have that running, replace with random other antivirus program. MSE has a tendency to crash and cause problems in the background.

If you have USB 3.0 ports, install the correct drivers, win 7 does not do this by itself, win7 thinks USB 3.0 is a PCI device which also creates problems in the background.

Furthermore I suggest that you inactivate some of Windows services:
Windows Media Center Reciever
Windows Media Center Scheduler
Windows Media Player Network

These are known to cause problems.

Well, thats all.
Hope this works for you too.