Indie Dev

I’ve read a lot of posts on Steam regaring “indie” games. Everyone is dead into it’s about not having money, or it is a “political” statement to the Games Industry. No gamer seems to be able to pinpoint what is and what is not an “indie” game. I’ll try to define it, but before I do – seems everyone (in general) thinks it’s about having no strings attached to the devil (EA/Sega/etc), but honestly, it’s the other way around. Let me explain:

The Game Dev (the good)
A game dev wants ONE thing; create awesome games and continue to do this over and over again.

The Publisher (the bad)
A Publisher provides money so a DevCompany can develop a game. A Publisher makes PR for that game around release. A Publisher, much like a stockholder, wants money in return for the cash they’ve spent. The bigger the Publisher (EA), the more can they invest, the more games can be created and sold (larger variaty of games for you). This means that a company that already created a really good game with little funds (“indie dev”) could get more PR (get more gamers to game their game (which is any dev’s goal -creating a game that no one or very few will play is not)) which would therefor get more money so they could make a bigger and better game without living on bread and water (no dev wants to do this). and btw, a well branded devComp can continue to created their “own brand” (like Dice).

(the ugly)
Everyone seems to think publishers are evil, but the ugly truth; they’re doing game devs a deed (and you too, the gamer). Beeing you’re own publisher is a shitty job when you just want to make good games.

So, what is indie?
Indie is about beeing an up-n-commin star, that first game(-s) defining you as a game dev comp to the world. Indie is just “new”, “a fresh take” and “wow”, and living on bread and water until release.

When a game dev reached this far, they’ve proved that they can create a good game, and NOW the publisher wants to have them on board!

…and that’s why you’ll find game’s like this one under “indie” in Steam.